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Track Preparation 2013/14

Today was yet another day that any club president could be proud of the members who just take the bit in their teeth and go get the job done. This wasn't a first time since the new committee was elected either. There have been many instances where members racing and non racing have given an hour, half day even whole days to do work at the track. Thanks to all those people for that.

The day was as impromptu as it could be. Started from a phone call which led to more phone calls, ended up producing such an awesome days mahi on the track.

Once again our huge thanks to Jecentho Contractors and Fulton Hogan for the use of the machinery. Also a huge thank you to the new track commitee consisting of Ray Dare, Roger Frear, Tony Banks, Roy Walker, Bruce Mallindine. There is plenty of spaces left on this committee if you want to learn the "in's and out's" of the track preparation program. Just let us know.


The days mahi consisted of filling the area in front of the commentary box with earth.


Time was then spent cutting and preparing the track. This process is just the beginning of many hours still to be spent watering, grading and compacting it for the opening race meeting at labour weekend.

Thanks to all the members who have sacrificed their time and energies, who work tirelessly to make our club one we can all be very proud to be part of.