Taipa Speedway Official Website 2010

Taipa Race Calendar 2016/2017 Season (to be confirmed)

Race Day Start Time 1 pm until daylight saving ends, then 12 noon

(start times may be different for special meets)


2 October (Sun)

Working Bee/Practice Day

16 October (Sun)

Working Bee/Practice Day (Greensheeting & Registration)

23 October (Sun)

Taipa Opening Day (Labour Weekend)

20 November (Sun)

Taipa Race Day (Double Points)

7 Jan (Sat)

Taipa New Year - (CTRA NI Ltd Saloons)

8 Jan (Sun)

Taipa New Year Rain Day

21 January (Sat)

CTRA Champs at Taipa – (CTRA NI B Saloons, CTRA Ladys Production)

22 January (Sun)

Taipa CTRA Rain Day

28 & 29 January (S/Sun)

Dargaville Anniversary Weekend

4 & 5 Feb (Sat/Sun)

Whangarei Waitangi Weekend (CTRA)

19 February (Sun)

Taipa Club Champs

19 March (Sun)

Taipa Race Day

9 April (Sun)

Taipa Race Day

14 Apr (Fri)

CTRA Champs at Kaikohe - (NZ C Saloons, NI Sup' Saloons, NI Prod'tion)

15 & 16 Apr (Sat/Sun)

Easter Stampede Kaikohe 2 Day Meet

7 May (Sun)

Taipa Race Day – ‘Swifty’ Production 20 Lap

3 & 4 June (Sat/Sun)

Queens Birthday Weekend Taipa 2 Day Meet – (CTRA NI Stockcars, CTRA NZ TQs, CTRA NI B Grade, CTRA NI Saloons (Ltd), CTRA NI Super saloons)